BBTec Intro Letter

We, NOOR TRADING & CONTRACTING, are the sole representative of B+BTec Diamond Coring, Sawing and Structural Anchoring Systems in the Middle East.

Particularly, our line of interest covers mostly reinforced concrete coring and sawing to the precise cutting dimensions.  The preference over the traditional method of drills, jackhammers and chipping-off are fast gaining speed and precision.  The use of quality diamond-tipped blades, core bits, and wire cables coupled by the efficiency of our machinery eliminates concrete cracks brought by the hammering effects of drills and jackhammers.  Comparably, the safety and pollution (sound and dust) advantage of B+BTec systems are far better than the traditional method.

The B+BTec Structural Anchoring system is a completely different technology.  B+BTec has spent an enormous amount of time and money to find just the right technology demanded by the construction industries.  The result, an anchoring system when used as in the case of chemical capsule to dowel a rebar into a concrete produces a bonding strength stronger than the tensile strength of rebar.

No matter how small or big your requirement on these lines, we are ready to accept either to supply the tools and equipment on sales basis or to do the job ourselves guaranteed on contract basis.

You may give us a call for a free demonstration should you find this helpful to your operation.

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